Snow, Moose and Finnish Secrets

Once there was a girl whose mother had just gotten sick and knew she wasn’t going to make it to the end of the year. The girl took care of her and all the mess that comes with such a situation. It was hard work, harder than the girl could ever predict and she ran herself to the ground, slowly and meticulously.
The girl used to write, however. She used to make up stories and characters and she used to escape that way, not just that year but half her life already.
And so that year, the hardest year of her entire life so far, the girl followed the call of a publisher and wrote a story for their advent calendar. As she sent it away, she never really thought that it would be accepted. Not because the girl did not believe in her story but because she had so much on her mind that it never occurred to her.
But then her story made it into the advent calendar and it was like a spark of hope in the dark, a little reminder that there is always something beautiful, even in the biggest mess. This wasn’t a huge book-deal and it wasn’t going to make her rich but that little „Yes“ helped to keep the girl’s head above water when all she truly wanted was going under with her mother and be done with it.
It’s five years later now and the girl, miraculously, did not drown. She survived and she made the best of it, in all the ways that mattered. And the little story, her little spark of hope, was returned to her to do with as she pleased. And so she did.
Snow, Moose and Finnish Secrets will forever have a special place in the girl’s heart and it will forever remind her that there is always magic in the air, no matter what, and that even in your darkest hour, there’s reason to hope.

Merry Christmas, new readers and old. I’m so proud that you like Jake and Ian and their silly Christmas adventure. „Top 20, baby!“ as Ian would put it.

Thank you.

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